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Classic Car Inspector offers the definitive pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Inspections take between 2 to 4 hours (dependent on vehicle and are easy to arrange. Findings are verbally explained, clearly and in layman's terms, supported by an easy to follow 3 to 5 page printed report, which includes a valuation. Classic Car Inspector carry out a careful and intensive near nut and bolt assessment, working through a 188 point checklist.

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What we Inspect
one of our team inspecting a car for rot

Occupant safety / Accident damage / repair
Hidden structural damage, rot and corrosion
Previous and existing repairs
Mechanical / Electrical
Ownership and document validity / Vehicle ID / outstanding finance
Valuation, essential and desirable repairs, also estimated costs.

checking the bodywork of a car

Soft top frame and tonneau / Screen glass, frame assemblies, perspex and plastic windows
Fabric, aluminium, fibreglass and steel panel foundation. Side, surface and closing panels
Uniformity of panel fit / Identifying hidden sub standard repairs, filler / lead placement.
Testing timber frame members re: wet, dry rot and woodworm. Meter readings (where accessible)
Braced / Inner panel structures, body tub and bulkhead sections
Wood / metal / fibreglass floor sections, chassis, space frame and box sections, for deterioration, rot and corrosion
Paintwork, chrome and fittings / Quality of past and existing repairs / restoration works

checking the interior condition

Entry odours and condition
Headling / fittings / Glass / Mirrors / Wood dash / rail / Door fillets
Upholstery / Trim / Dickey seats
Seat adjustment / Seat belts / anchorages (later vehicles)
Pedal rubbers / Carpets / underlay
Electrical / Instruments /
Functions, fittings and controls


Engine oil level & condition
Engine block / core plugs
Oil / water leaks
Cold start effort
Oil pressure
Internal component noises
Cyl compression readings (optional)
Exhaust manifold/s / Downpipes/s
Engine mountings
Overall engine operating value
Anticipated longevity

Cooling System

Coolant level and condition
Antifreeze content: Methanol. Ethylene / Glycol)
Radiator, cap, hoses and clips
Water pump
Cooling fan: Direct / Viscous / Electric
Head gasket failure
Engine block / Core plugs (visible)
Drive belt/s
Air conditioning system (some later models)
Overall condition


Battery / Mountings / Condition
Charging system / Drive belts
Starting system
Magneto / Distributor
Advance & retard control
HT leads
Wiring loom / connections (visible)
Mechanical / electric wipers
Manual / electric screen wash
Air conditioning system (some later models)

Fuel Systems / Body Panels

Carburettor/s / Injection
Control linkages and cables
Fuel pump, lines and tank
Fuel filler cap & seal
Choke & mixture control
Exhaust emissions
Bonnet, hinges, catch and receiver
Landing panel/s
Inner wing panels
Space frame
Bracing bars and brackets


Cut and shut
Riveted / Welded seams
Shackles / Mountings
A frames
Chassis outriggers
Ancillary support brackets
Subframes / Mountings
Chassis Box sections
Floor supports / Cross members
Floor panelling / Pressings
Castle rails

Steering / Suspensions

Vehicle's trim height / wheel base
S/column, couplings & bushings
Steering, king pins, ball & swivel joints
Manual / power steering rack, box, pitman arm
Steering alignment (visual)
Hub bearings
Suspension coil springs, leaf & torsion units
Adjustable friction, hydraulic shock absorbers
Suspension wishbones
Swinging arms & control mountings
Trailing arms / Mountings
Tiebars / anti-roll / Panhard
Height / level control (fluid / air)
Grease points
Pipes / flexi hoses

Tyres / Wheels/Brakes

Solid / Pneumatic
Make / size
Wear factor
Tyre pressures
Wood rims & spokes
Steel / Alloy rims ( inner & outer)
Hubs / Caps / Spinners
Overall condition
Brake cables
Pushrods / linkages / compensator
Fluid level & condition
Master cylinder
Mechanical servo (vac, fluid)
Pipes / flexi hoses
Brake discs
Callipers (visual)
Back plates / adjusters
Park brake
Overall condition

Exhaust / Transmission

Exhaust manifold/s, pipe sections
Turbo / supercharger
Silencers, flanges & flexi joints
Heat shields
Heat exchangers (if fitted)
Mountings and hangars
Corrosion and leaks
Cables / linkages / adjustments
Hydraulic systems
Casings / mountings
De Dion / Hotchkiss / Layrub drives and couplings
Bearing carriers
Differential backlash
Fluid level & condition (auto)
Seals / oil / fluid leaks (visible)

Pre Road Test

Engine starting effort
Immediate oil pressure Yes / No
Engine idling factor
Engine noise levels
Ease of clutch & gear engagement
Brakes free

On the Road

Indicator / hazard lights
Engine & transmission
Exhaust excess fumes and smoke
Accelerator operation
Clutch operation
Transmission operation
Foot brake efficiency
Hand brake efficiency
Instruments / functions
Heating efficiency
Air conditioner (some later vehicles)
Suspension / Roadholding
Steering & handling
Steering alignment
Steering effort
Engine performance
Noises / Vibration
Overall drive / character & feel

Post Road Test

Hot engine re start
Engine pressure
Engine coolant fan operation
Engine coolant temperature
Engine idling factor
Engine's overall condition and performance
Leaks : Oil / fuel / fluid / coolant

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Acquiring a classic or vintage motorcar is a very special experience. You'll certainly be making a substantial investment.

A Classic Car Inspector independent pre-purchase inspection report and valuation, will assist you in making an informed decision, based on the vehicles actual condition, not what is implied.

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